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Abby Aldrich

  • Abby Aldrich VS Kymberly James

    SOAP 201
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    Kym is a 5'4" 120 pound all natural 36D-cup brunette who gets her wish to wrestle the best as she battles 5'10" 150 pound Abby Aldrich. Kym is strong, confident, quick and in great cardio-vascular condition but taking on Abbey is no easy task. Kym learns this quickly when she is submitted with an ...

    Release Date : 06/09/2022
  • The Best Of Ariel X
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    Academy Wrestling all-time champion Ariel X in her best strap-on sex matches. Sex scenes from 5 of her greatest fights with 40 minutes of strap-on sex action.

    Ariel X vs Cheyenne
    see what happens when two elite athletes, high level grapplers and wrestlers meet in private with thei ...

    Release Date : 07/01/2019
  • Abby Aldrich VS Ariel X

    SOAP 369
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    Two of the top women in the business meet in the most anticipated video release video in the history of Academy videos!

    In 2007, Ariel X rolled onto our mats to try her hand at a different style wrestling from what she had been doing elsewhere. After going 1 win, 3 losses in 2007, the se ...

    Release Date : 02/25/2010
  • Abby Aldrich VS Gia Deveaux

    SOAP 325
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    Heard the one about the 19-1 Amazon wrestler who runs into an 0-2 rookie on the mats? Me neither, but I'm sure the punchline will involve a massive beatdown.

    If you haven't seen Gia, she's a hot, strong 5'7" 140lb. woman who just always happens to get paired up with bigger, stronger wome ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Abby Aldrich VS Katie Conners

    SOAP 311
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    For those who don't already know, Abby "The Amazon" Aldrich is the biggest, baddest chick to hits the Academy mats yet. She's 5' 10 ...

    Release Date : 04/13/2009
  • Rain DeGrey VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 429
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    Rain made her Academy debut recently and held her own against longtime favorite Ariel Bilbao. This time she takes a step up in competition-a BIG step up in Abby "The Amazon" Aldrich. 5' 10" of sinewy muscle and pure dominance in a bikini. Abby is arguably the #2 wrestler on the roster and ha ...

    Release Date : 07/14/2011
  • Abby Aldrich VS Chantel Lace

    SOAP 424
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    Abby "The Amazon" returns after a yearlong layoff, looking to keep on a winning pace after dispatching rookie Gia in that last outing. Abby stands 5' 10" tall and weighs 150 lbs of lean muscle, hence her nickname. The big, bad blonde towers over most opponents and usually shows no mercy.


    Release Date : 04/01/2011
  • Abby Aldrich VS Dia Zerva

    SOAP 345
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    We open the Academy vault for this release with an early Dia Zerva match, shot back in 2008 when Dia was a novice and facing off with women she'd pick her teeth with in 2010. There's no free lunches at Academy, though. Given her strong build, good cardio, and plain toughness, the lovely doe-eyed blo ...

    Release Date : 09/21/2009
  • Zoe Chandler VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 330
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    Zoe Chandler has had a couple of chances to impress at the Academy and has come up short twice. In SOAP 287 Sun Washington beat the tall, willowy Zoe senseless and screwed her hard ???? see . In SOAP 176, novice Penny Play showed Zoe v ...

    Release Date : 05/26/2009
  • Natalia Love VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 284
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    Back in January, big and string brunette Natalia Love helped get the Academy off to a great start to 2009. Natalia, debuting against equally powerful Gia Deveaux in SOAP 238, scored a huge victory and left worn, happy, and brimming with confidence.

    Today Natalia leaps directly to the hea ...

    Release Date : 03/30/2009
  • Alexis DuVall VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 236
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    Gorgeous, charming, sweet, elegant, glamorous, and downright adorable are all adjectives our customers have used to describe Alexis DuVall. Tall and strong, Alexis has all the tools to be an excellent wrestler except one: aggression. Over the past couple years Alexis has wrestled three prior mat ...

    Release Date : 02/25/2009
  • Rubye Reilly VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 213
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    2008 has seen a real changing of the guard at the Academy. For nearly five years (since Amy dramatically cut back her involvement), Rubye Reilly had ruled the roost. But on July 3 big Abby Aldrich staked her claim to the undisputed top s by beating Rubye????s ass. Then on September 11, we watche ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Kym VS Amanda

    SOAP 212
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    Smoking hot brunette Kym returns to the Academy ready to get back in the win column. After devastating losses to Ariel X, Abby Aldrich and Alexa von Tess, Kym defeated Annabelle Lee and now accepts the challenge from petite and sexy Asian Amanda.

    A complete novice and stand ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Abby Aldrich VS Lilly Torre

    SOAP 206
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    Tall and strong Academy champion Abby Aldrich faces another challenger, and this time her opponent is nearly as big and strong as Abby! Five foot, nine inch tall blond Lilly Torre is damn strong, with taut, hard muscles from her neck to her calves. Lilly debuted in SOAP 162 ( http://www.acade ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Jamee Scolari VS Chantel Lace

    SOAP 197
    Get it now This summer we have seen a definitive changing of the Academy guard. It started June 26 when Kan Cohn, our senior wrestler in experience dating back to 1999, gave everything she had against Isamar and got summarily dismissed and retired. ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Jasmine Chou VS Jamee Scolari

    SOAP 196
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    No tape/DVD orders until November 1, 2008 Last week we saw Abby Aldrich, just entering her wrestling prime, take apart and dominate long-time Academy favorite Rubye Reilly in SOAP 186. Today, seasoned and sed veteran Jasmine Chou, second longest in seniority to Rubye, accept a challenge from Jam ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Abby Aldrich VS Sun Wa Washington

    SOAP 193
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    Two weeks ago we watched Sun Wa wield her considerable ss against Madison Young AND Ariel X in a one versus two match that Sun would damn near (did) win. Today Sun returns, flushed with confidence and looking to stop the steamroller that is Abby Aldrich. At 5Ã?Â?Ã?Â?10&Atil ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Isamar Gutierrez VS Mira Li Wen

    SOAP 192
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    Producer????s Pick ???? Best Fight of 2008, Weight Class Championship Caliber Match

    In 2008 we????ve seen Mira Li Wen rise to every challenge with a string of victories over seasoned, strong and sed Academy m ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Rubye Reilly VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 186
    Get it now No tape/DVD orders until October 19, 2008 Long time Academy heroine Rubye Reilly tackles, literally, her biggest challenge ever in 5????10????, 150 powerhouse Abby Aldrich. Rubye has over her long and storied career fought and beaten Academy ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Christina Aguchi VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 179
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    Mail Order not available for this video Christina Aguchi brings her fine Asian ass back to the Academy for another whipping of major proportions. Abby Aldrich heard all about an earlier Aguchi visit (debacle?) from her friend Rane An ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Abby Aldrich VS Mira Li wen AND Jasmin

    SOAP 169
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    PRODUCER????S PICK ???? Two hot Chinese-American women against one bigger, badder, meaner European-American as Abby Aldrich agrees to fight both Mira and Jasmine. This is no tag team and the only rules were our instructions to the Asians ????..don????t you DARE let her beat you BOTH! ...

    Release Date : 05/15/2007
  • Abby Aldrich VS Daisy delaRosa

    SOAP 141
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    NO TAPE/DVD ORDERS UNTIL APRIL 08, 2007 Powerful and busty Latina bodybuilder Daisy challenges long, tall and strong Abby in this great match of contrasting styles, appearances, ss, and attitudes. Blonde Abby stands five feet ten inches tall and weighs in at 142 pounds. Abby has long, tightly mu ...

    Release Date : 02/07/2007
  • Abby Aldrich VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 135
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    PRODUCER'S PICK! Big Abby Aldrich is 5'10" and 150 lean pounds of power, aggression, and sexual dominant. Isamar is 5'4" and 135 voluptuous ponds or weight-lifting power, quickness, mad grappling ss and an absolute seductress of women. Isamar and power-lifted and body-slammed big Daisy delaRosa, sc ...

    Release Date : 10/19/2006
  • Abby Aldrich VS Stacey Santiago

    SOAP 130
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    Tall, bad and mean Abby Aldrich has two wins under her belt as she tackles the winless former bodybuilder Stacey in this all-real submission match. Abby stands nearly 6 feet tall while Stacey is 5'6". Both weigh about 145 pounds. Stacey is dark, with broad shoulders, busty, and voluptuous. Abb ...

    Release Date : 06/14/2006
  • Abby Aldrich VS Jasmine Chou

    SOAP 126
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    NO TAPE/DVD ORDERS UNTIL OCTOBER 16 2006. Abby is five feet ten inches tall and 150 pounds of sexual and aggressiveness. She????d never intentionally hurt anyone but Abby is top bitch in the pack and she will make sure every woman that gets n the mats knows it well. Jasmine is 5 feet three inch ...

    Release Date : 06/14/2006
  • Abby Aldrich VS Olivia D'Angelo

    SOAP 121
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    We last saw Olivia back in April, beating up and fucking red haired fitness trainer Sean Quigley. Olivia felt ready to move to the head of the class and challenged reigning and undefeated Academy champion Abby to a loser gets fucked submission match and you get to see the results.

    At ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Yana Jordan VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 116
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    Bad black champion Yana Jordan brought her 5 foot seven inch, power packed frame, her retro-seventies Afro hair style, her long black strap-on, and her girlfriend Abby down to the Academy for an introduction to submission wrestling and female domination. At five feet ten inches and 150 lean but stro ...

    Release Date : 06/14/2006

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