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Female Wrestling, Fighting, Domination and Lesbian strap on sex

Academy Wrestling is naked women wrestling and competitive female sexual wrestling at its best

Academy Wrestling features all real competitive female wrestling matches with strong, aggressive and skilled women who compete to sexually dominate their opponent. Academy wrestling includes a wide variety of topless and nude wrestling matches where the combatants fight hard for victory and concludes with the winners humiliating and dominating their opponents and sexually having their way with them in a variety of ways including lesbian strap-on sex.

There are several different categories of fighting that are presented and each have their unique qualities.

We invented” Kick her ass and Fuck her” matches and our Strap-on Academy Productions (SOAP) series is our most popular line. In SOAP matches beautiful athletic women fight all out in 100% real submission wrestling with only one rule. The winner mounts the beaten loser for intense, pressd lesbian strap-on sex. The loser always gets fucked with the strap-on dildo and often dominated and humiliated by being pressd to lick the winner's pussy until orgasm.

Our Loser Eats Pussy matches (LEP) feature female fighting with experienced grapplers willing to put on their gi’s and fight for sexual domination as total humiliation is on the line and the loser will be pressd to eat pussy.

Academy matches (ACA) highly contested female wrestling combining skilled beautiful girls, real topless submission wrestling and erotic facesitting domination.

Our AX File matches (AX) combine hard fighting action with beautiful women in real topless and nude female wrestling action leading to lesbian sex, sexual domination and orgasms.

The Women Warriors (WAR) consists of competitive women challenging each other in various forms of combat including sex fights, catfights, grappling, loser gets fucked domination, pressd lesbian strap on sex and more.

Female wrestling holds on include severe leg scissors, head scissors, Boston crab, back breaker, full nelson, grapevine, face sitting arm bars, leg locks, sleeper holds, guillotines and more.

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