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Alexa von Tess


Alexa came to us from another wrestling company without a great deal of training, skills, aggressiveness, or motivation to improve as a wrestler. Constantly over-matched, Alexa enjoyed the sex and the money and the all the people involved in that other company, and still does. But Alexa is very bright and figured as long as they want her to lose and be dominated by bigger, stronger, more skilled women; shed keep enjoying herself and getting paid!


    SOAP 218
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    We love Goldy Blair! Smoking hot, sexy, strong, busty, feisty and aggressive. Goldy, with her vast experience is scripted wrestling and catfighting, really loves to wrestle for real and has been chomping at the bit to return to the Academy mats for another go-around. Alexa Von Tess has yet to do ...

    Release Date : 01/12/2023
  • Dia Zerva VS Alexa Von Tess (SOAP 260)

    Dia Zerva VS Alexa Von Tess (SOAP 260)
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    Super fan favorite Dia's been training hard and is amongst the top girls on the Academy roster. Her opponent is the improved Alexa Von Tess, tanned, blonde, and willing to put up a fight. Known primarily as a bondage model, she has really worked at her wrestling and picked up a few submission holds, ...

    Release Date : 10/26/2021
  • Madison VS Alexa Von Tess

    SOAP 253
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    Two of the world’s top bondage models wrestle in this competitive female fighting showdown. Red-haired Madison learned her technical prowess on the blue mats in the capitol of Silicon Valley. Alexa was taught elsewhere. Both women are fine, hot, and ready to get physical. They have worked together ...

    Release Date : 04/29/2021
  • Alexa von Tess VS Annabelle Lee

    AX 253
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    As a Special Release to our Fans we bring you

    A blast from the past this week on Academy - we've come back from the vault with a stonker of a match. We've got Alexa in a tight sexy bikini ...

    Release Date : 09/14/2013
  • Alexa von Tess VS Ginger

    SOAP 352
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    Popular bondage model Alexa Von Tess returns to Academy in this match, taking on super sexy redhead Ginger.

    Alexa is young and pretty, but unfortunately in her wrestling endeavors she has been matched up against mostly bigger, more experienced opponents, both here and elsewhere. To ...

    Release Date : 05/18/2010
  • Alexa von Tess VS Kym Jane

    SOAP 305
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    These two have fought before, in SOAP 198.  Last time gorgeous Kym thought she had the match won after winning a couple of early submissions, but Alexa just kept coming back and eventually won going away. Kym loves Alexa but has every expectation of revenge. Kym intends to beat Alexa????s a ...

    Release Date : 04/13/2009
  • Isamar VS Alexa von Tess

    SOAP 289
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    Tough little Alexa is game to fight anyone and proves it by challenging one of the Academy????s best in Isamar. Alexa has learned a lot and surprises Isamar more than once with her strength and tenacity. Alexa also picks up a few more pointers, the hard way, as the busty and powerful Latina, st ...

    Release Date : 03/30/2009
  • Annabelle Lee VS Alexa Von Tess

    SOAP 275
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    The very beautiful, lithe and lovely Annabelle Lee debuted at the Academy back in August 2008 against Kym, herself one of the Academy????s most popular newcomers in years. Annabelle is amazingly flexible with a true cover girl????s face, with perfectly symmetric features, a beautiful smile, ...

    Release Date : 03/30/2009
  • Dia Zerva VS Alexa von Tess

    SOAP 260
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    Super fan favorite Dia returns after what seems like an eternity, but has actually only been a few months-needless to say we love having sweetheart Dia around here at The Academy. It's also needless to say, Dia enjoys being here, and loves wrestling in general. Whether here, another company, or ...

    Release Date : 08/04/2010
  • Alexa VS Jamee

    SOAP 229
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    A rare gem unearthed! Here's a very early Alexa von Tess video, as she takes on big, bad Jamee Scolari in a sexy, frantic battle. Big titted brunette Jamee talks lots of , confident the less experienced, younger girl doesn't stand a chance. Alexa quickly shows her opponent that's not the case.... Release Date : 05/07/2012

  • Kym VS Alexa von Tess Producers Pick

    SOAP 198
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    No tape/DVD orders Kym vs. Alexa von Tess ???? Producer????s Pick! NO DVD/TAPE ORDERS Alexa came to us from another wrestling company without a great deal of training, ss, aggressiveness, or motivation to improve as a ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Ariel X VS Alexa von Tess

    SOAP 191
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    No tape/DVD orders until February 1, 2008 These two hot brunettes both have experience at he same wrestling company but had never even met until the Academy brought them together. Not only did they get some actual training, Ariel and Alexa get to fight each other for real - without shoes, r ...

    Release Date : 09/26/2007
  • SOAP 187
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    Sun Wa Washington vs Alexa von Tess NO DVD/TAPE ORDERS Alexa von Tess is an amazingly cute, spunky, feisty young woman with huge steel blue eyes, firm perky breasts, and a burning desire to learn how to wrestle. Alexa has worked fo ...

    Release Date : 09/26/2007
  • Ariel X VS Alexa von Tess

    AX 276
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    Alexa has tangled with Ariel once before in an environment where there????s no ref around to ????manage???? the action or assign points for sexually assaulting your opponent. When the rules are ????make her submit till she can fight no more, then fuck her????, Alexa was over-mat ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009

Female Wrestling, Fighting, Domination and Lesbian strap on sex

Academy Wrestling is naked women wrestling and competitive female sexual wrestling at its best

Academy Wrestling features all real competitive female wrestling matches with strong, aggressive and skilled women who compete to sexually dominate their opponent. Academy wrestling includes a wide variety of topless and nude wrestling matches where the combatants fight hard for victory and concludes with the winners humiliating and dominating their opponents and sexually having their way with them in a variety of ways including lesbian strap-on sex.

There are several different categories of fighting that are presented and each have their unique qualities.

We invented” Kick her ass and Fuck her” matches and our Strap-on Academy Productions (SOAP) series is our most popular line. In SOAP matches beautiful athletic women fight all out in 100% real submission wrestling with only one rule. The winner mounts the beaten loser for intense, pressd lesbian strap-on sex. The loser always gets fucked with the strap-on dildo and often dominated and humiliated by being pressd to lick the winner's pussy until orgasm.

Our Loser Eats Pussy matches (LEP) feature female fighting with experienced grapplers willing to put on their gi’s and fight for sexual domination as total humiliation is on the line and the loser will be pressd to eat pussy.

Academy matches (ACA) highly contested female wrestling combining skilled beautiful girls, real topless submission wrestling and erotic facesitting domination.

Our AX File matches (AX) combine hard fighting action with beautiful women in real topless and nude female wrestling action leading to lesbian sex, sexual domination and orgasms.

The Women Warriors (WAR) consists of competitive women challenging each other in various forms of combat including sex fights, catfights, grappling, loser gets fucked domination, pressd lesbian strap on sex and more.

Female wrestling holds on include severe leg scissors, head scissors, Boston crab, back breaker, full nelson, grapevine, face sitting arm bars, leg locks, sleeper holds, guillotines and more.

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