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  • Shelby Lao VS Alex Allen

    ACA 11
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    Shelby Lao vs Alex Allen
    This is an Academy Wrestling classic match-up! Shelby Lao, the most beautiful and powerful Asian woman ever to wrestle, makes her debut against world-class gymnast Alex Allen in a totally topless, totally dominating fight to the finish. Sexy Shelby throws muscular Alex ...

    Release Date : 03/04/2021
  • Lexus Lee VS Alexia Wexler

    ACA 43
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    Powerful Lexus (she "retired" previous champion Katherine Parton) and Alexia have a financial disagreement that can only be solved by press! These two pretty blondes, each 5'2" and 120 pounds of solid, glorious womanhood, battle topless with body scissors, flips, hair pulling, headlocks, breasts to ...

    Release Date : 11/27/2019
  • Alexia VS Samantha Soames

    ACA 37
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    From our vaults 2 incredible matches that will blow you away.
    1) Samantha vs Alexia
    2) Anastasia vs Jamie
    ANASTASIA RETURNS - Samantha Soames, another young, strong blonde bombshell, tangles with her boss Alexia Wexler over the conditions of her continued employment. Samantha do ...

    Release Date : 12/10/2015

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