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Alexis Duvall

  • Alexis DuVall VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 236
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    Gorgeous, charming, sweet, elegant, glamorous, and downright adorable are all adjectives our customers have used to describe Alexis DuVall. Tall and strong, Alexis has all the tools to be an excellent wrestler except one: aggression. Over the past couple years Alexis has wrestled three prior mat ...

    Release Date : 02/25/2009
  • Madison Young VS Alexis Duvall

    SOAP 182
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    No DVD orders until October 1, 2008 Petite powerhouse Madison brings her tight, hard and hot little body back to the Academy to take on five foot, ten inch, 135 pound brunette Alexis Duvall. Alexis debuted back in February and got an a ...

    Release Date : 03/10/2008
  • Alexis Duvall VS Lilly Torre

    SOAP 162
    Get it now Alexis Duvall versus Lilly Torre No tape/DVD orders until May 1, 2008 Brunette beauty Alexis Duvall brings her sexy 5 foot ten inches, legs all the way to heaven body back to the Academy mats to try her luck again. Last time out (SO ...

    Release Date : 02/19/2008
  • Alexis Duvall VS Rubye Reilly

    SOAP 123
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    New comer Alexis Duvall towers over the oppasition! At five feet ten inches and 145 tight, firm and flexible pounds, by all appearances we figured Alexis would dominate. Rubye figured otherwise. The veteran brunette gives away six inches and nearly 20 pounds to the upstart but the match isn't won or ...

    Release Date : 06/14/2006

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