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Amber Rayne

  • Andi VS Amber Rayne

    SOAP 351
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    Adult film star Amber Rayne returns to the blue mats in Silicon Valley to face off with hometown bombshell Andi in a soon to be Academy favorite!

    Amber is lithe and brunette. Though giving away a lot of size, she is wiry strong and impossibly flexible. Amber's also tough as nails, ac ...

    Release Date : 05/18/2010
  • Dia Zerva VS Amber Rayne

    SOAP 262
    Get it now Amber Rayne freakin???? rules. This super-sexy brunette isn????t very physically imposing about her shoulders and back and arms, but her legs are strong, she????s damn quick, smart as a whip, flexible as another whip, and capab ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Amber Rayne VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 237
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    Introducing the New and Improved Amber Rayne! PRODUCER????S PICK! What a fight!

    Adult star Amber brought her cute and sexy little body to the Academy because her friends Ariel X, Madison Young, and Alexa von Tess all told her she????d love it. At five feet five inches tall ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008

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