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Amy Lewinski

  • Aquarius VS Amy Lewinski

    AX 47
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    100% real NUDE amateur submission wrestling and sexual domination! An All-Time Academy Domination Supreme - Mysterious masked powerlifter Aquarius, at 5'6" and 140 powerful pounds talks some trash before getting it on with 5'2" 120 lb redhead Amy in this 100% real, nude submission wrestling bat ...

    Release Date : 04/06/2023
  • Roni Ramone VS Amy Lewinsky

    AX 39
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    Slender Hispanic Roni Ramone, at 5'6" 118 pounds gets it on with 5'2", 120 pound redhead Amy in this aggressive submission wrestling battle. This was sleek and sexy Roni's first match after dismantling the future Academy Light-weight Champion Bobbi Boudreau in Release Date : 12/09/2021

  • Fuchsia vs Amy Lewinsky (ACA 134 Ft2)
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    Fuchsia came from Seattle to Academy Wrestling and put on one of the most dominating performances seen on any mat. Academy champion Amy had to step in for tough bodybuilder Kat, who succumbed to injury. Amy and Fuchsia look great together and this was expected to be a tough and highly competitive ma ...

    Release Date : 01/19/2021
  • Amy Lewinski VS Sabrina West

    AX 37
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    Cute, sexy and strong Amy shows off some real Polish-Power as she completely 'woman-handles' a game, but clearly outmatched, Sabrina West! Shorter by several inches, Amy finds a number of highly creative ways to twist Sabrina up like Gumby with an assortment of headlocks, scissors and leg locks befo ...

    Release Date : 01/07/2021
  • Amy Lewinski VS Bobbie boudreau

    ACA 91
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    Up-and-coming superstar Bobbi and her close friend Amy go all-out in this 45 minute topless submission match. Bobbi is restricted from using headlocks to extract submissions, so it's just 2 excellent athletes going all-out for scissors-type submissions, as well as facesits, wearing the smallest of t ...

    Release Date : 09/16/2020
  • Viva VS Amy Lewinski

    AX 56
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    All Real and All Nude Submission Wrestling with Very Beautiful - Viva and Academy Champ Amy. Sleek, slender, sexy, flexible, smart, cute, damn-hot. These are only a few of the superlatives that met brunette Viva following her ass-kicking, loser-fucking Academy debut versus Ondine in Release Date : 03/05/2020

  • Josie Petrie VS Amy Lewinski

    ACA 159
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    A great fun match between a highly seasoned veteran and a powerful and aggressive newcomer. Josie Petrie is exactly the same height and weight as Amy- at 5' 7" and 120 pounds of friendly fire these two women are perfectly matched for a fun, rewarding, educational encounter. Oh, did we forget to ment ...

    Release Date : 07/25/2019
  • Amy Lewinski VS Ariel Bilboa

    AX 91
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    The Academy's #1 all-time red head Amy gets some fresh meat with up and coming Eurasian Ariel in this one. Definitely unscripted and unstaged, the match becomes an extended lesson in wrestling, pain and seduction as Amy does to Ariel just about everything she wants. At 5'4", Ariel is slightly taller ...

    Release Date : 04/10/2019
  • Amy Lewinski VS Nikki Knowles

    AX 45
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    Nude and competitive amateur submission wrestling and face sitting domination - An archive video, shot back when we first met Amy, these are two gorgeous women who really put out! Amy, whose powerful 5' 2" 120 pound physique matches perfectly with Nikki's sexy 5'4" 118 sleekly muscled frame. Nikki h ...

    Release Date : 01/17/2019
  • Karen Collins VS Amy Lewinski

    ACA 107
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    The most beautiful woman in wrestling is Karen Collins. See her trying to whip red-haired Amy in this aggressive and highly erotic fight to the finish. Karen is 5'4"; Amy is 5'2" - both weigh 120 pounds. There is no mismatch in size, strength, or determination as both are really into it! Karen is go ...

    Release Date : 03/28/2018
  • Amy Lewinski VS Juliet

    ACA 149
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    Aggressive interracial submission wrestling - all topless and all real! The Academy's red-haired princess Amy goes at it with sexy Mexican-American Juliet in this long-running, topless bout. Both women are 5"3" and 120 very well-put-together pounds; Juliet is busty, strong and quick and man can she ...

    Release Date : 03/14/2018
  • Amy Lewinski VS Kandie Cohn

    ACA 92
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    Kan demanded a match with sexy Amy, who will wrestle anyone. Both women have hot turn-on bos; Amy is powerful and a girl-next-door cute and Kan has natural 36C breasts over a hard, wiry, and lean body. The match is all-out the Academy way - Make her submit if you want to, or just tie her up in progr ...

    Release Date : 02/15/2018
  • Fuchsia vs Kat Fuchsia VS Amy Lewinski Fuchsia vs Mercedes

    ACA 134
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    These 3 classic matches are a must see and add to the legend of Fuchsia, who put on one of the most dominating performances seen on any mat. None of the wrestlers she fought lasted the allotted amount of time. Sexy, tough bodybuilder Kat took a beating and never stopped fighting but succumbed to in ...

    Release Date : 10/30/2017
  • Bobbi Boudreau VS Amy Lewinski

    ACA 85
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    This is one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, pitting two of grappling's all time greatest performers. A very early engagement for both Bobbi and Amy, finally being released! Incredibly intense action where you can really see the raw talent and pure love of competitive wrestling in both ...

    Release Date : 08/24/2017
  • Jasmine Chou VS Amy Lewinski

    ACA 135
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    All real topless competitive submission wrestling and erotic domination! Sexy Jasmine Chou asked for this shot at lovely redhead Amy and gets all she wants. Jasmine must be one of the all time pain sluts as she repeatedly finds herself on the rece ...

    Release Date : 07/05/2017
  • Holly Moss VS Amy Lewisnski

    ACA 81
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    A TOP-TEN ALL-TIME ACADEMY CONTEST! Pretty Holly, with her girl-next-door features and hard, gymnastics-toned body tackles red-haired Polish princess Amy in this long-running WAR. Both women are 5'2" tall, and both weigh in at an identical 120 pounds, and both have an equal amount of experi ...

    Release Date : 05/17/2017
  • Jade Imohara VS Amy Lewinski

    ACA 117
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    From the Academy Archives: Amy's first match ever! This was shot in late 1998, less than 24 hours after we first met Amy. Then, as now, Amy was incredibly warm, funny, expressive and, physical so we set her up with reigning champion Jade, who helped train Amy for an hour before we started. Filme ...

    Release Date : 10/08/2015
  • Amy Lewinski VS Ora Goldman

    AX 61
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    God Bless Amy! Amy coaxed her good friend Ora to give wrestling nude with a sexy woman on video a try. We think Ora had tried this once or twice before without the camera being around as she really picked it up quickly and presented Amy with a great and highly entertaining challenge!
    At 5' ...

    Release Date : 12/19/2014
  • Amy Lewinski VS Rosie Rocket

    AX 38
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    Straight from our vaults, a classic that shows why the SOAP series is iconic among wrestling fans.
    All Nude Submission Wrestling and Face Sitting Domination. Pretty Amy tackles hard-muscled Asian Rosie in this grueling submission wrestling event. Both women are strong, sleek and serious about ...

    Release Date : 11/27/2014
  • Amy Lewinski VS Santana

    SOAP LEP 02 2
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    Release Date : -
  • ACA 149 DVD
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    Aggressive interracial submission wrestling - all topless and all real!. The Academy????s red-haired princess Amy goes at it with sexy Mexican-American Juliet in this long-running, topless bout. Both women are 5????3" and 120 very well-put-together pounds; Juliet is busty and strong and qui ...

    Release Date : -

    AX 40
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    World-renowned fantasy-wrestler Santana wanted to try her hand at real competitive submission wrestling and chose the Academy as her testing grounds. Santana, at 5'3" and 123 very hard pounds gets it on with 5'2", 120 pound redhead Amy in this 100% real, nude submission wrestling battle. These ar ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Black Angel

    ACA 199
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    Producer's Pick 2005 Competitive 100% real un-staged and unscripted! Long-time Academy champions Amy and Black Angel hook up in a match that many Academy friends had been requesting for years. Amy is a bit shorter at 5'3", but both women are the exact same 121 pounds, both have six-pack abdominal ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Toni Kennal

    ACA 106
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    Newcomer Toni Kennall is 5'5", 125 solid and sexy pounds of blonde fury as she tackles red-haired Polish princess Amy in this long-running war. Amy is 5'2" and weighs 120 lbs. She is slightly smaller but a lot quicker and significantly more experienced. Wonderful technical wrestling, great stamina, ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Isamar VS Samantha

    SOAP 491
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    Breast Fest! If you're a fan of large breasts then this video's for you - a dream 3-way match between the Queen of Academy - Isamar, Samantha Grace and Dana Vixen. 2 against 1 may be unfair but Isamar, decked out in a very revealing outfit (which doesn't stay on long) is a hard one to beat. A ...

    Release Date : 03/27/2013
  • Isamar VS Lailany

    SOAP 488
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    So this week we warmly welcome a sexy newcomer, Lailany. Pitted up against her is the Queen of Academy Isamar who likes to specialize in taking new girls to the cleaners, wrestling wise.

    Decked out in a tight black bikini Lailiani has a slim build compared to our Queen's busty fra ...

    Release Date : 01/06/2012
  • Amy Lewinski VS Lexus Lee

    AX 99
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    Red haired submission wrestling expert Amy takes on hard-bod blond Lexus.

    The blond is tough and strong and quick and aggressive. Amy can just plain fight. Non-stop wrestling action with pins and submissions between two very hot babes who are really turned on by fighting one another! ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Maggie Riddell

    AX 93
    Get it now

    All nude all real submission wrestling and erotic domination! Sexy Amy breaks in a new one as brunette Maggie debuts at the Academy. At 5'6" and 125 pounds Maggie is taller and heavier than Amy but the red haired Amy knows her stuff. Maggie gets the full treatment as Amy is in top form and has ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinsky VS Crimson Kang

    AX 84
    Get it now

    Korean-American challenger Crimson wanted a piece of champ Amy and gets all she wants and then some. Both women are 5'3" and 120 pounds. Amy is more muscular and stronger; Crimson is softer looking but strong and quicker and motivated. Arm bars and neck cranks and scissors abound as these two e ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Crimson Kang

    AX 76
    Get it now

    Amy has pretty much had the run of the place since Bobbie retired. But Crimson is first to come along in two years to have a chance at unseating her. Amy has a lot more ss and experience but Crimson is quick and a damn quick learner and she loves to wrestle just like Amy and Bobbie before Amy, and ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Chantel Lace VS Amy Lewinski

    AX 73
    Get it now

    A true fantasy match-up as these two redheads vie to determine which one will reign at the Academy. Chantel is confident as well as beautiful. Amy is chipper, as always, and friendly and open and embracing. Then the match starts and one redhead's pre-match attitude undergoes a gradual but profound ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Sage Madrid

    AX 68
    Get it now

    Highly erotic competitive wrestling and domination between beautiful and aggressive women. Amy did it again, recruiting yet another sexy girlfriend to come try her hand at grappling at the Academy. Sage is 5????2 and 112 pounds, the same height but slightly lighter than her red-haired opponent. ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Rubye Reilly

    AX 52
    Get it now

    This is the match that made Rubye Reilly! On only her 3rd visit to the Academy, sexy brunette Rubye got matched with Amy and was literally bowled over by the cute red head. Both women are petite and strong and in great condition but Rubye walked away completely inspired to get in the gym and train ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006

    AX 36
    Get it now

    Karen Collins, the most beautiful submission wrestling woman in the world, locks up with cute, sexy, and strong Amy. Blonde Karen is strong and quick with good balance and an incredible body. Amy won't let Karen's gorgeous curves prevent her from going all-out for the win. A superb combination of b ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Nicole VS Ariel, Amy and Crimson

    AX 256
    Get it now

    This match was shot in the fall of 2003 and lost inside our costume box until late 2009. Our editor (Isamar) found it and tried to make it work and she did well enough that we think you'll like it! It makes us love Isamar more and more every day

    New comer Nicole, at 5'8" towers over all th ...

    Release Date : 07/10/2009
  • Crimson Kang VS Amy and Sage

    AX 183
    Get it now

    One of the hottest three way videos we've ever shot!

    Longtime favorite Amy was fantastic at bringing sexy new girls to The Academy, and Sage Madrid fits the bill perfectly. The olive skinned, dark haired beauty has a long, luscious figure, athletic ability, and is very fit. Release Date : 05/26/2009

  • Amy Lewinski and Sage Madrid VS Cri

    AX 156
    Get it now

    Hot red head Amy grabbed her fitness model girlfriend Sage to come back the Academy to lay waste to the Korean powerhouse Crimson Kang. The little masked Asian babe is a more than a match for either of the white women one-on-one, but Amy and Sage leave her almost no chance to demonstrate her ...

    Release Date : 05/15/2007
  • Amy Lewinski VS Crimson Kang

    ACA 227
    Get it now

    Amy Lewinski had the run of the roost as top cock for nearly three years. Crimson Kang wandered in, took more than a few beatings, and then developed pure wrestling ss that, in her mind, began to rival Amy's. Crimson is seven years younger, the exact same size, and hungry to be the best so she chal ...

    Release Date : 01/09/2007
  • Amy Lewinski VS Kandie Cohn

    ACA 179
    Get it now

    Over an hour of all-real, highly competitive and well-sed submission wrestling. It was over 95 degrees on the mats when Amy met Kan for the second of their two classic match-ups (see ACA 92) and sweat pours from the women as each throws the best she has at the other for over an hour! Kan's muscles a ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Amy Lewinski VS Juliet Acavedo

    ACA 149
    Get it now

    Aggressive interracial submission wrestling - all topless and all real!. The Academy????s red-haired princess Amy goes at it with sexy Mexican-American Juliet in this long-running, topless bout. Both women are 5????3" and 120 very well-put-together pounds; Juliet is busty and strong and qui ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006

Female Wrestling, Fighting, Domination and Lesbian strap on sex

Academy Wrestling is naked women wrestling and competitive female sexual wrestling at its best

Academy Wrestling features all real competitive female wrestling matches with strong, aggressive and skilled women who compete to sexually dominate their opponent. Academy wrestling includes a wide variety of topless and nude wrestling matches where the combatants fight hard for victory and concludes with the winners humiliating and dominating their opponents and sexually having their way with them in a variety of ways including lesbian strap-on sex.

There are several different categories of fighting that are presented and each have their unique qualities.

We invented” Kick her ass and Fuck her” matches and our Strap-on Academy Productions (SOAP) series is our most popular line. In SOAP matches beautiful athletic women fight all out in 100% real submission wrestling with only one rule. The winner mounts the beaten loser for intense, pressd lesbian strap-on sex. The loser always gets fucked with the strap-on dildo and often dominated and humiliated by being pressd to lick the winner's pussy until orgasm.

Our Loser Eats Pussy matches (LEP) feature female fighting with experienced grapplers willing to put on their gi’s and fight for sexual domination as total humiliation is on the line and the loser will be pressd to eat pussy.

Academy matches (ACA) highly contested female wrestling combining skilled beautiful girls, real topless submission wrestling and erotic facesitting domination.

Our AX File matches (AX) combine hard fighting action with beautiful women in real topless and nude female wrestling action leading to lesbian sex, sexual domination and orgasms.

The Women Warriors (WAR) consists of competitive women challenging each other in various forms of combat including sex fights, catfights, grappling, loser gets fucked domination, pressd lesbian strap on sex and more.

Female wrestling holds on include severe leg scissors, head scissors, Boston crab, back breaker, full nelson, grapevine, face sitting arm bars, leg locks, sleeper holds, guillotines and more.

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