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  • Andi VS Constance - The Rematch

    SOAPE 066
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    They say that revenge is a fool's game but that doesn't deter gorgeous, blonde Andi from challenging her rival Constance to a rematch. Andi knows deep down that she can beat Constance, she's bigger, stronger and more athletic but the experience and technical edge go to Constance. Andi's hot body ...

    Release Date : 06/30/2022
  • Andi VS Constance

    SOAPE 065
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    This is one of the most dynamic Academy matches in quite some time, Constance is a technical beast but hot, blonde Andi is younger, more athletic, stronger and has no quit in her. Constance knows she's going to have to break Andi's will and spirit to win this fight. She immediately tries to humiliat ...

    Release Date : 05/19/2022
  • Ariel Bilboa VS Andi

    AX 263
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    Hot blonde Andi is a local "beach bunny" type that came to the Academy looking for a challenge-and found more than a few, to mixed results. The tough blonde honed her technique on the mats through various beatings, and worked hard on her conditioning in her off-time. She is taut, tanned, ALL NATURAL ...

    Release Date : 06/18/2020
  • Rubye Reilly VS Andi

    SOAP 50
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    ALL REAL and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE nude amateur submission wrestling to a face-down/ass up-loser gets fucked finish! This was one of Hannah's final matches at the Academy and you will see exactly why! Blonde bombshell Hannah has advantage in height, weight, strength, and experience over Jewish-Amer ...

    Release Date : 04/14/2016
  • AX 263 DVD
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    Hot blonde Andi is a local "beach bunny" type that came to the Academy in 2008 looking for a challenge-and found more than a few, to mixed results. The tough blonde honed her ss on the mats through various beatings, and worked hard on her conditioning in her off-time. She is taut, tanned, ALL ...

    Release Date : -
  • Andi VS Kym

    SOAP 320
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    Ahhh....The simplest of blond on hot brunette in a wrestling match to determine which woman gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. A fantasy for most of us, all in a day's work at Academy Videos.

    5'3" ...

    Release Date : 04/13/2009
  • Andi VS Juliette Vu

    AX 268
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    For the fans of erotic ass kicking, AX 268 has got to be top shelf.

    Two hot girl next door types of completely different sizes, shapes, backgrounds, and ss square off as rookie Juliette faces off with the popular Andi.

    Sexy, exotic Vietnamese-American Juliette stands on ...

    Release Date : 01/01/1970
  • Andi VS Amber Rayne

    SOAP 351
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    Adult film star Amber Rayne returns to the blue mats in Silicon Valley to face off with hometown bombshell Andi in a soon to be Academy favorite!

    Amber is lithe and brunette. Though giving away a lot of size, she is wiry strong and impossibly flexible. Amber's also tough as nails, ac ...

    Release Date : 05/18/2010
  • Kiki VS Andi

    SOAP 303
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    Meet the amazing Kiki! This five foot nine inch 150 pound all natural Hawaiian beauty emailed us from out of the blue, wanting to know how to get started wrestling girls in he Bay Area. Kiki is very mature, educated, sophisticated, worldly, physical, intelligent, and attracted to athletic women. W ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Dia Zerva VS Andi

    SOAP 285
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    It's another blond on blond showdown this week as sexy and bodacious Andi takes on equally hot fan favorite Dia Zerva. About a month ago Andi battled blond bombshell Cadence hard in an exiting and rough matchup. Dominant against weaker foes, which she enjoys, this week Andi takes a big step up i ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Kendra Ray VS Andi

    SOAP 281
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    What a treat we have this week, as beautiful sun-kissed blondes go to war! Kendra and Andi are evenly matched in size, ss, and looks. Though having lost a few bouts each, both have beaten tough opponents, and seem to kick things up a notch in the face of stiff competition. There is no favorite g ...

    Release Date : 03/30/2009
  • Andi VS Ariel X

    SOAP 279
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    Ariel X returns to the Academy with intentions of demonstrating her on-going technical improvement in wrestling ss to our own local wrestler Andi. These two are almost exactly the same size, and Andi has been working hard in preparation for a match up against one of the world????s very ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Andi VS Gia

    SOAP 272
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    Tough hardbody blond Andi has been busy at the Academy and it shows in her ss. Andi faces, literally, her biggest challenge yet in Gia Deveaux, who outweighs the blond by 25 pounds.

    Gia had her debut back in January in SOAP 238 against Natalia Love (see http://www.academywrestling.c ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Kym VS Andi II

    SOAP 258
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    Kym and Andi are two of the hottest women you're ever going to see wrestle in an XXX rated, winner fucks the loser match. Many would say the hottest. If you haven't seen either of them in action, you're missing out.

    Sweet, aggressive blonde Andi has a surfer girl athletic body, gr ...

    Release Date : 08/20/2010
  • Andi VS Isamar

    SOAP 257
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    Tough and sexy Andi has got a great all-natural body, toned and tan all over, and the young brash Cali blond knows how to use it. She's been in a few ss here at the Academy-done well with the less sed girls, had her problems with the toughies-and never disappoints with her effort. Fresh off a d ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009
  • Madison Young VS Andi

    SOAP 233
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    Sexy young blond Andi returns to the Academy, looking to rebound from her prior loss to Synn Sakai in AX 182. . Andi caused an uproar when, in her debut match, she woman-handled and fucked muscular fitness model Wenona, only to be humbled by Eurasian Synn in her next match.

    Madis ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Wenona VS Andi

    SOAP 228
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    Andi debuted in SOAP 208 on September 04, 2008 by beating the snot out of her equally newbie opponent. Andi learned so fast and did so well, we figured we????d reward her with Wenona, the five foot ten inch, 125 pound hard-body fitness model and adult actress! Wenona has b ...

    Release Date : 09/29/2008
  • Andi VS Jamee Scolari

    SOAP 224
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    Jamee Scolari is a huge favorite of Academy fans AND academy women. From Rane Andersson and Mira Li Wen to Kendra Ray and Isamar Gurierrez, our wrestlers all want to fight and have mad sex with raven-haired, blue-eyed Jamee. Her wrestling ss are damn good (see beat up and fucked bad ass Mira) but w ...

    Release Date : 02/25/2009
  • Fuchsia VS Andi

    SOAP 208
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     Two complete novices, each with only one name, battle all out to a loser gets fucked finish! Fuchsia named herself after her hair color; she????s a five foot, eight inch, long, lean, lithe lesbian. Andi is another Academy girl-next-door. Andi was working retail when we met her and the Acad ...

    Release Date : 04/10/2008
  • Andi VS Synn Sakai

    AX 182
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    Synn Sakai is a solid and strong Eurasian brunette; sleek and smooth yet obviously strong. Smart, quick, and agile, Synn tackles sexy young blond Andi, who has made an immediate and dramatic impact at the Academy by taking on and taking down the big and muscular Floridian Wenona! Both women are equa ...

    Release Date : 04/10/2008

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