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Andre Shakti


Andre Shakti

  • Macy Divine VS Andre Shakti -Rematch

    SOAPE 074
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    Macy is stubborn, will fight anyone, hates to submit and losing sticks with her for a long time. She was hoping for redemption in this rematch but she is embarrassed. She keeps fighting but the humiliation mounts as an experienced Andre toys with her. She sits her wet pussy on her face and buri ...

    Release Date : 12/21/2023
  • Macy Divine VS Andre Shakti

    SOAPE 068
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    Black and Asian newbie Macy Divine couldn't wait to beat up, fuck and assert her dominance over her first female opponent. She thinks because she is bigger and stronger that Andre would fold and she would have her way with her. Instead she finds herself beneath firm boobs and gets her first ta ...

    Release Date : 08/01/2023
  • LuLu VS Andre Shakti

    BG 02
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    Welcome to the Academy Battleground where newbies challenge other newbies or veterans for total grappling supremacy. The fights are 100% competitive and the loser ends up covered in sweat and sprawled out on our mats hoping for redemption. BG 02 LuLu Vs Andre Shakti Incredible grappling contest b ...

    Release Date : 01/27/2022
  • Nadia White VS Andre Shakti-The Rematch

    SOAPE 063
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    Gorgeous porn starlet and kick ass fighter Nadia White couldn't wait for another crack at BJJ expert Andre Shakti. She knows she can beat her but things are never that easy, Nadia fights hard and has her moments but finds herself nothing more than helpless prey for the mean and sexually aroused Andr ...

    Release Date : 10/07/2021
  • Lana Luxor VS Andre Shakti-REMATCH

    SOAPE 62
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    They say revenge is a dish best served cold but this rematch is blazing hot and the loser won't forget this loss for a very long time. Ebony beauty Lana puts on a master class, high echelon grappling mixed with dominance and humiliation thrown in to keep it interesting. As soon as the match starts s ...

    Release Date : 08/26/2021
  • Nadia White VS Andre Shakti

    SOAPE 061
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    The long awaited, highly anticipated fight between Andre Shakti and Nadia White has finally come to fruition. It was delayed several times and these ladies didn't just want to fight, they wanted to compete sexually to prove who was the better woman. It's evident from the start that the loser was goi ...

    Release Date : 07/28/2021
  • Lana Luxor VS Andre Shakti

    SOAPE 058
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    Two proud Alpha females collide, athletic, muscular bodies glistening with sweat engaged in hand to hand combat for interracial strap on supremacy. The loser will be forever humiliated, her mouth and pussy stuffed with the arrogant winner's cock. The first guillotine submission takes only 45 seconds ...

    Release Date : 06/16/2021
  • Andre Shakti VS Bunny

    Andre vs Bunny- The Rematch SOAPE 054
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    We have to remember that these female warriors are proud and egotistical, they hate to lose and can't fathom being fucked by another woman who has vanquished them in a fair fight. They fear that dreaded moment where their gloating, arrogant rival poses over them in victory and walks off the mat in s ...

    Release Date : 10/08/2020
  • Andre Shakti VS Constance

    SOAPE 053
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    Andre is a sore loser and wasn't happy about being beaten by Constance in SOAPE 052. She surely didn't enjoy bein ...

    Release Date : 09/24/2020
  • Constance VS Andre Shakti

    SOAPE 052
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    This one is an instant classic, beautiful experienced blonde Constance takes on sexy, bjj specialist Andre Shakti and they leave it all on the now sweat covered Academy mats. Less than 50 seconds into the match a guillotine and body scissor combo has a shocked Andre tapping out and doubting herself. ...

    Release Date : 08/26/2020
  • Bunny VS Andre Shakti

    SOAPE 051
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    There is nothing sexier than two friends who want to settle their differences on the mats. Friendly competition turns into sweaty, rough bodies intertwined until one girl gets utterly humiliated under wet pussy and fragrant ass before she has no choice but to admit her foe is the better woman. Ebony ...

    Release Date : 07/30/2020
  • Andre Shakti VS Veronica Vixen

    SOAP 584
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    It is very rare that a wrestler fights the perfect fight with perfect talent, technique and strategy. Gorgeous BJJ blue belt Andre Shakti does just that to the shock and surprise of Veronica Vixen. Veronica is used to grounding opponents, slowing them down, tiring them out and submitting them over a ...

    Release Date : 10/24/2019
  • Andre Shakti VS Selene

    SOAP 583
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    Sometimes a woman's pride gets her in trouble, Selene is out to prove a point by taking on BJJ specialist and Italian hottie Andre Shakti. She doesn't want to tap out and risks injury over and over. Andre flows from submission hold to submission hold using her superior speed, technique and athletici ...

    Release Date : 10/10/2019
  • Penny Play VS Andre Shakti

    SOAP 576
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    This match of the year candidate features aggressive warrior Andre Shakti, with the fitness toned body, against highly skilled, experienced and technical grappler Penny Play. Andre comes out hard with a very tight triangle/arm bar attempt but Penny fights it off and counters with a crushing body sci ...

    Release Date : 07/05/2018

    SOAP 571
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    Big busted redhead Bella Rossi takes on hard bod bad ass Andre in this match-up of grappling veterans who have never faced each other on the Academy mats. If Bella thought this would be an easy fight, a forearm across the mouth and a headlock out by Andre left no doubt that this would not be a frien ...

    Release Date : 01/03/2018
  • Nadia White VS Nyssa Nevers

    SOAP GFE 012
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    Asian Goddess Nyssa Nevers and Blonde bombshell Nadia White please and tease in this steamy, lesbian love making encounter. These two beauties prove that there is no better way for two gorgeous women to settle their differences than with a sexual encounter that ends with them both drenched in sweat, ...

    Release Date : 09/27/2017
  • Andre Shakti VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 555
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    Andre accepts the challenge from her mentor Isamar in this rough grappling showdown. Andre gives up 10 pounds of muscle to her former coach but has been training hard and thinks this could be the day that she breaks through. Will the student finally beat and  fuck her teacher?  An aggressi ...

    Release Date : 10/12/2016
  • Cheyenne Jewell VS Andre Shakti

    SOAP LEP 03
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    High stakes fighting action as Cheyenne takes on Andre in this loser eats pussy challenge. Both combatants are experienced grapplers so the match starts out with them wearing the traditional gi tops but no bottoms-making it easy for them to use their naked pussies as facesitting weapons. The more ex ...

    Release Date : 08/20/2015
  • Cheyenne Jewell VS Andre Shakti

    SOAP 536
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    Ring veteran Cheyenne returns to the Academy mats, after a year long hiatus, to try and keep on a winning pace as she takes on feisty, tough newcomer Andre. Cheyenne is young, hot and powerful with a taut, rock hard body sporting ripped abs and a muscular frame that serves her well in close combat. ...

    Release Date : 06/17/2015
  • Andre Shakti VS Yasmine Loven

    SOAP 535
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    Yasmine Loven is a gorgeous big titted Ebony beauty who stands 5'2" 155lbs. Those 32D tits are a weapon as she facesits Andre into submission with them. They also make her vulnerable as she is trapped in a body scissor and tit lock combo and screams her surrender. Andre is super lean, fast, ...

    Release Date : 04/30/2015
  • Daisy Ducati VS Andre Shakti

    SOAP 530
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    Daisy has made quite a name for herself recently by fighting and beating some very tough opponents. After a rough start and a few brutal beatings, she has learned the ropes quickly and today takes on tough newcomer Andre. About the same weight but with totally different builds, incredibly sexy Daisy ...

    Release Date : 10/30/2014
  • Andre Shakti VS Mona

    SOAP 526
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    Gorgeous, fan favorite Mona takes on super athlete Andre Shakti in an all out war with tons of submissions and Mona taking a two submission lead into the later stages of this match. The question is can she hold on and get her first win at the Academy? Will Mona finally get to wield the strap-on and ...

    Release Date : 09/04/2014
  • SOAP 526 3
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    Release Date : -
  • SOAP 526 2
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    Release Date : -
  • SOAP 526 1
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    Release Date : -
  • Andre Shakti VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 524
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    Andre Shakti is a pure athlete, horseback riding, running, yoga, rock climbing, cardio and strength training keeps her at the height of condtioning. She is a newbie but a beast on the mats at 5'5" tall and weighs 130lbs.

    Sasha Princess Banks is a sexy, tough black girl who migh ...

    Release Date : 06/21/2014

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