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  • Cici Rhodes VS Andrea

    SOAP 452
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    Big busted redhead Andrea has steamrolled her first two opponents at The Academy. She's started at the bottom, and again takes a step up in competition in this match. Andrea has good knowledge of basic wrestling holds and is an absolute powerhouse. Not lacking in confidence, she also clearly enjoys ...

    Release Date : 02/12/2012
  • Jasmine Chou VS Andrea

    SOAP 443
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    Buxom and powerful redhead Andrea made the most auspicious debut of 2011, putting on a relentless display of strength and determination against an overwhelmed Kym Jane, and enjoying every minute of it. Now she takes a step up in competition...

    Jasmine has been around since the VHS days. ...

    Release Date : 10/04/2011
  • Kymberly Jane VS Andrea

    SOAP 441
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    The most smashing debut of 2011.

    Gorgeous Kym has been a fixture around here lately. The brunette with the hellacious body has taken her beatdowns, worked on her wrestling...and continued to lose. But she has gotten better and held her own at times, even scoring submissions in losing eff ...

    Release Date : 10/04/2011

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