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Tae Le

  • Chantel Lace VS TaeLe - the rematch

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    Busty redhead Chantel taught rookie TaeLe a lesson in their first match and TaeLe returns seeking payback. Chantel had just finished another match and is a bit winded but confident she will put the Vietnamese challenger back on her knees. As we expected, TaeLe used her higher energy level to take a ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Chantell Lace VS Tae Le

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    The academy's first ever Vietnamese wrestler, cute porn star Tae Le, brings her sassy 5'2" 112 pound ass to the mats with every intention of whipping and fucking red Chantel. At 5'2" and 120 pounds, Chantel finally has an experience edge, and a size edge, but Tae is a damn fast learner with a real ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006

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