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Taylor Morris

  • Jasmine Chou VS Taylor Morris

    ACA 145
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    A Chinese-American takes on a Model-Beautiful Blonde - The sexiest, coolest and most promising blonde wrestler to join the Academy since Karen Collins makes her wrestling debut in this full-speed topless match. Taylor Morris is 5' 5" and 126 pounds of girl-next door prettiness combined with an expli ...

    Release Date : 05/09/2018
  • Bree Beaulieau VS Taylor Morris

    ACA 193
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    Taylor Morris made the biggest splash when we releaed her first effort against Jasmine Chou. Well Taylor tried again againser her good friend Bree and its blonde vs blonde, both fine as wine, in this fast paced struggle for supreamacy. Taylor is sexy and strong but Bree is quicker, and altho shorter ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006

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