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  • Tina VS Nadine

    War Video (WAR 11)
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    Blonde Tina (5'8" 120 lbs.) goes against brunette Nadine (5'6" 125 lbs) in this competitive female wrestling encounter. Experienced wrestler and boxer Nadine can really fight but she has her hands full with Tina, who takes a back seat to no wrestler. These are two damn attractive women in excellent ...

    Release Date : 07/27/2023
  • Isamar VS Isamar Gutierrez

    SOAP 259
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    Longtime veteran Isamar returns to the mats to introduce newcomer Tina to the ways of girl on girl erotic wrestling, Academy style. Though not nearly as busty as the voluptuous Mexican, Tina is slightly taller and quite athletic looking, and doesn't appear intimidated by the more mature woman. T ...

    Release Date : 03/16/2009

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