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Yana Jordan

  • River VS Yana Jordan

    SOAP 64
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    Straight from our vaults, a classic that shows why the SOAP series is iconic among wrestling fans.

    Black vs. Eurasian -All Real- Fantastic hard-bod and all natural women all out in intense battle with intense sex! River, the uncontested star of public events during 2002 at both Tigra& ...

    Release Date : 11/20/2014
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    Black vs. Eurasian -All Real- Fantastic hard-bod and all natural women all out in intense battle with intense sex! River, the uncontested star of public events during 2002 at both Tigra's and at Les Femme Fatales (with two victories over Christine Dupree) brings her beauty and ss to the Academy in ...

    Release Date : -
  • Yana Jordan VS Dia Zerva

    SOAP 271
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    Fan favorie Dia returns to face the formidable and more experienced Yana Jordan in an outright battle for supremacy and sexual conquest!

    We all know Dia well- blonde, big blue eyes, sweet smile, strong build, and passion for mixing it up with other women for real. Dia has been on a tear ...

    Release Date : 07/08/2010
  • Yana Jordan VS Jasmine ChouYana Jorda

    SOAP 90
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    An all-time Producers Pick (The producer loves spirited and unscripted slaughters). Bad, black and beautiful Yana accepted a strap-on challenge from Chinese Jasmine and gives the smaller woman all she can handle and then a lot more! At 5''4"" and 120 pounds Jasmine gives away two inches and 12 poun ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Yana Jordan VS Rubye Reilly

    SOAP 87
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    100% all-real, all competitive submission wrestling. Black versus white. Both with toned hard muscles from serious workouts and submission wrestling training. Black Yana Jordan is long and strong and bad. Rubye Reilly is tough and strong and sed. Both these women really know what they are doing out ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Yana Jordan VS Madison Young

    SOAP 334
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    Bondage model superstar Madison Young returns for yet another battle on the mats, looking to improve upon her current 9-3 record against some stiff competition. The slim, sexy redhead is quick, aggressive, flexible and likes it rough, to say the least. With her only recent Academy losses coming to S ...

    Release Date : 04/05/2010
  • Darling VS Yana Jordan

    SOAP 322
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    PRODUCER'S PICK! Hardest, roughest, hottest fight to welcome autumn 2009! Blond Darling, renown for her s at other wrestling sites, Gets welcomed back to the Academy by long-time veteran Yana Jordan! Yana is an inch taller but these two weigh the same. Yana has traned longer, but Darling has had muc ...

    Release Date : 09/16/2009
  • Isamar VS Yana

    SOAP 154
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    No tape/DVD orders until April 28, 2008 Producer's Pick! All real and absolutely nothing staged! Isamar is 5'3" and 125 rock solid pounds. She's strong, tough, smart, busty, thick, and in great shape! Yana is five feet six inches and ...

    Release Date : 02/19/2008
  • Yana Jordan VS Abby Aldrich

    SOAP 116
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    Bad black champion Yana Jordan brought her 5 foot seven inch, power packed frame, her retro-seventies Afro hair style, her long black strap-on, and her girlfriend Abby down to the Academy for an introduction to submission wrestling and female domination. At five feet ten inches and 150 lean but stro ...

    Release Date : 06/14/2006
  • Yana Jordan VS Daisy delaRosa & Cha

    SOAP 111
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    A dream match up between busty and thickly muscled Latina Daisy against long strong black Yana! The un-questioned star of our 2005 releases, Daisy is sexy as all hell and Yana is in all out lust with the Mexican beauty. Daisy is stronger than Yana but the black woman has great balance and sup ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Yana Jordan VS Sun Wa Washington

    SOAP 103
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    Black on Black, all nude, all real competitive submission wrestling and strap-on loser-gets-fucked sex!!!! PRODUCER'S PICK!!!! Bad ass Amazon Yana at 5 feet six inches and 135 powerful pounds accepted a challenge from five feet three inch 122 pound Sun and it is all on! Despite her disadvantages in ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Grace VS Yana Jordan

    SOAP 102
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    Long limbed African-American Yana, at 5'6" and 135 pounds, brought down her girlfriend Grace for a chance to prove who is really better. At 5'6" and 145 pounds, Grace is bigger and stronger, but Yana wrestles more often and on paper it?s to close to call. The women are long time friends and lovers, ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Crimson Kang VS Yana Jordan

    AX 90
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    Black Yana at 5'6" and 135 pounds grapples hard with 5'3" 120 pound Korean-American Crimson in this all-nude battle for supreamacy. Crimson has fought, and beaten, larger women before and she has the technique to gain control of her ebony antagonist. But Yana haas trained in jiu jitsu and is in gre ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Yana VS Maggie

    AX 144
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    Black Yana wrestles brunette hellcat Maggie and its pure top-shelf Academy erotic mayhem. Both women are 5 feet six inches tall and each weighs 132 pounds. Yana looks stronger and longer but Maggie is rock hard and in great cardio condition. Its hot so sweat pours off their glistening bos as each st ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006
  • Yana Jordan VS Alexis Lei

    ACA 216
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    Long lean Yana brings her soulful self back to the Academy in an old-style, all out WAR with sexy Chinese novice Alexis lei. Alexis, at 5 feet seven inches and 155 pounds has a whopping 20 pound weight advantage and this girl, in addition to being sexy as hell, is strong as an ox! Yana needs to bri ...

    Release Date : 02/17/2006

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